Graphic Design

leaflet design for flying fish

1. Graphic design

Your business card, brochure, leaflets, logo – they all create a perception of your organisation.

Professional, smart and well executed material will go a long way to giving a potential customer the reassurance that you’re the right choice.

We’re passionate about great graphic design. When it’s done well, it can really sell a product to your customer before they know anything about your business.

We like to wear our marketing hat and design hat at the same time. This means that we produce design work that stands out, with a strong call to action. Great graphic design is more than looking good- it needs to sell.

Through graphic design, we’re able to create powerful material to fit your brand. We’re able to manage the whole graphic design process for you, interpreting your brief, copywriting and image sourcing, straight through to the design and printing.

View some of our graphic design work.


Landon logo design Landon Marketing and Design Salisbury

2. Logo design

A logo is often the first contact a person has with your brand, product or service.

Your logo design should fit with your brand identity, and should appeal to your prospective customers. The logo design should help tell the story about who you are, and should be appealing, relevant and engaging.

We’re able to develop a range of logo options to support your brand, and rework any one of those designs into more detail, taking your feedback on board. Or if you’ve got a specific idea of what you want, we can turn it from an idea into the real thing.


brand personality and brand identity

3. Branding

A brand identity gives your business a personality. It tells people who you are and what you stand for.

It’s the story behind your business and is at the very heart of everything you do. We create unique and compelling brand identities for our clients.

We identify what it is about a business that sets it apart from its competition, and we deliver that message through the brand itself.


business card design for Ahfrancis

4. Stationery design

The power of stationery is not to be underestimated. It punches well above its weight in the marketing hierarchy.

A business card, for instance, can represent professionalism, credibility, creativity and more. The choice of a quality paper stock, special finish, colour, typography and strong design can give an impression which speak volumes about an organisation. Take the time to perfect your stationery. It adds true value to a brand.


View some of our graphic design work, where you’ll find examples of our graphic design, logo design, branding and client stationery.