Web design for CB Domestics

web design salisbury - landon marketing and designWe’re┬áreally pleased to announce that we’ll be working on the design and development of a brand new website for CB Domestics in Salisbury. We’ve worked with CB Domestics before and are looking forward to getting our teeth into this web design project. It’s great to support other local Salisbury businesses and CB Domestics is a forward thinking and intelligent business, with values very much aligned to Landon Marketing and Design. The new website design will be unveiled in a few weeks time so please visit our website again to see the completed project, or follow us on twitter and facebook for the latest news from Landon Marketing and Design HQ as it breaks.

If you’d like to chat to us about web design or web development, please get in touch. We’re really happy to have an┬áinformal conversation, even if it’s just to bounce around ideas or to get our opinion.


Steve Landon,
Creative Director for Landon Marketing and Design

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