How to start a business in a day

how to start a business in a day Landon Marketing and Design SalisburyStarting a business is no easy decision. Particularly when the bills keep on coming and we’re slap bang in the middle of a fierce recession. Here’s my story.

Not too long ago, I was working over in New Zealand for the country’s largest bank and was lucky enough to be put forward for a role as head of marketing communications.

At this stage, a promotion and the guarantee of job security should have been the main priority for me. But I decided not to go for it. Why? People have suggested I’m delusional and misguided but there was only ever one thing I wanted to do and that was to run my own business. To use all of the knowledge I’d learnt over the years to work with local businesses, and help with their marketing and promotion.

I’ve since returned to Salisbury, where I set up Landon Marketing and Design. In a nutshell, my business acts as the marketing department and design studio for businesses that don’t have the knowledge, time, budget or resource to do their own.

So how was I able to set up my business in a day?

1. Well I already had a laptop and a mobile phone. So, communications – check.

2. Once I decided my business name ‘Landon Marketing and Design’, I purchased the domain name from one of the many domain name websites out there. Expect to pay roughly £10 for 2 years.

3. I purchased a hosting platform to ‘house’ my new website. All websites need a host – it’s like a patch of land for your website to be built. Again, this can be done by going online and searching for a hosting company. Expect to pay roughly £80 for 1 year.

4. I nipped down the bank and met my bank manager, who was able to set me up with a business account there and then. Many banks offer at least one year’s free business banking.

5. Then I designed my logo and business cards. This can be done with any graphic design agency. As long as you have a clear idea of what corporate values you want your logo to represent, you’re halfway there. I wanted mine to be professional, vibrant, modern and fresh.

6. I set up a simple holding page for my website, while I worked on the design and development of the actual website. A web design agency would be able to help you here. In fact you can build fairly simple one-page websites for a very low cost.

7. Finally, I created a facebook and twitter profile – essential for my type of business that’s looking to get my name out there whilst keeping costs low.

So that was it – a brand new business in one day. Ok, so I’m lucky that I provide a marketing and design service whereby I don’t need a premises or employees or even a product. And of course I’d given my business plan careful consideration before going ahead. But the point I want to make is that if you really want to start your own business, whether it’s marketing, design or anything else – it’s entirely achievable.

I’ve spoken to many friends and business people about running a business in a recession. Many people had different opinions to offer, but the one that really stuck in my head was when a friend said to me “the recession is the best time to start a business”. “Why?” I asked, slightly puzzled. “Because if you can do it now, think how good your business can be when the recession is over”.

In New Zealand, 97% of businesses were small to medium sized. The mindset of both the New Zealand people and the government mean that small businesses thrive. I’d like to see the UK encourage more small business start-ups, by giving people the support to do it for themselves.

Steve Landon, Managing Director of Landon Marketing and Design in Salisbury.