The challenges of marketing in Salisbury

print advertising vs online advertising - marketing in Salisbury I thought I’d write a blog on the challenges I’ve faced with local marketing in Salisbury, which is where I chose to setup my marketing and design business.

Being a Salisbury based business, most of my marketing and design work is for other Salisbury businesses. Many of the businesses I do marketing and design for understand the need to evolve their marketing, to be different, but also to give their target market the type of marketing they want.

But there are many businesses I speak to who are strong traditionalists when it comes to marketing, and focus all their budget on magazine and newspaper advertising.

This can be effective for some, but for many it’s a force of habit. In fact, some businesses I’ve spoken to, plough thousands of pounds every year into printed advertising, and don’t measure whether it’s being successful or not. youtube image - print advertising vs online advertising - marketing in Salisbury 2

One of my biggest issues is with local magazine advertising – specifically those magazines that exist purely to take advertisers’ money. In fact, all of the editorial content within these magazines is only there because an advertiser has paid the magazine to write it. In Salisbury and the surrounding area, I can think of a good number of magazines that do this.

Furthermore, many advertisers see their competitors in the magazine, and therefore feel they have to be in there too. This is another marketing mistake. For marketing to work, it needs to stand out and not follow the crowd.

We now live in a society where we go online everywhere we go – whether it’s at home, at work, in a cafe, or even on the move. I’d imagine most of us go online while we watch TV and some of us probably even go online while we’re on the loo! That’s how integrated into our daily lives it has become.

We also live in a society where we don’t want to be broadcasted to time and time again. If a business or company has something to say to us, we want it to be our choice to hear their message. We don’t want to be talked at, we want to be talked to. This is why content marketing is touted as the next big form of marketing. It’s about engaging with your target market, interacting with them, and delivering content to them they genuinely find interesting – it’s not about flogging your products anymore. And it’s definitely about measuring your results.