1. Marketing plan

Marketing is more than a print advert or a radio jingle.

We design tailor-made marketing plans, strategically built around your business. We find out what makes your business tick, where you’ve been and where you want to go.

We then create a customised marketing plan, aimed at driving results against your objectives, whether it’s leads, sales, brand awareness or something else.

Our clients like to work in many different ways and we like to offer them complete flexibility in meeting their needs. Some clients may know what they want to achieve but don’t know how to get there. Some have a brief that they want us to meet. Others look for a one-off campaign, whilst some clients use us as their marketing department.

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2. Online advertising

Online advertising is a smart way to get your message out. Why?

You can talk directly to your audience and no one else – minimising wasted spend. Online advertising lets you target potential customers by location, age, gender, interests and hobbies. Your advert will be displayed across thousands of targeted websites.

The real beauty of online advertising is that you only pay per click. This allows you to achieve massive brand awareness, whilst only paying for any warm leads that click on your advert. It’s a bit like if you were advertising in a newspaper, but 100% of the readers are your target market. And you don’t pay a penny unless somebody picks up the phone to call you.

We can project manage your campaign from start to finish, targeting your prospective customers, and achieving a low cost per click. We provide regular reporting on campaign performance and recommendations for future growth.


3. Pay per click marketing (PPC)

Pay per click marketing can launch your business straight to the top of the search engines.

PPC (most commonly Google Adwords) has revolutionised marketing because it gets right in front of the customer at their point of decision making. Better still, you only pay when your advert is clicked on. PPC is not a brand awareness channel, it’s about getting people to your website, and subsequently converting them into a customer.

We use our copywriting expertise to create a toolkit of powerful pay per click adverts. We use analytical programmes to identify keyword search terms for your business. And we manage your PPC marketing campaign with care and precision – achieving maximum cost efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

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Google Partner

Landon Marketing and Design is a certified Google Partner, which means that we meet a strict set of criteria set by Google for managing clients’ accounts.
This criteria includes meeting and exceeding performance benchmarks, passing Google adwords and online advertising certifications and dealing with large budgets on behalf of clients.

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4. Email marketing

Emails are a highly targeted and cost effective channel to stay in touch with your current customers, or to attract new customers.

Smart phones mean that people now have readily available access to emails on the move, making email marketing a powerful marketing channel. On the flip side of this is that people are increasingly protective and selective about who communicates to them, so email marketing needs to be done right.

All our clients’ email campaigns have exceeded the industry benchmark for open rates. We use an email management system to track open rate, open speed and click thru rate. We design fully branded templates for our clients, which we can then tailor with different messages for each target segment. Our clients often outsource the entire email process to us, from inception to measurement. This gives us full control over the end result.



Social Media Marketing 1

5. Social Media Management

Social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram and google plus has added a new dimension to marketing.

It’s no longer about a faceless organisation sitting in their ivory tower, broadcasting messages to us. It’s about a dialogue, engaging with the public on an even level.

We develop social media marketing plans for our clients based on their individual needs. This can be one-to-one training, managing social media on the client’s behalf, or just a helping hand to get a social media profile up and running.

Social media management requires us to carefully manage the clients’ messages, ensuring they’re on brand, relevant and engaging. We use proven methods that will guarantee growth in the number of social media ‘followers’, their engagement with your business, and convert them to advocates and ultimately customers.

Over the years our marketing team has fine-tuned the recipe for success in social media. Every month we are proud to report back to our clients the growth in followers and engagement we have achieved.


6. Social Media Advertising

Social platforms like facebook and twitter hold huge amounts of customer data, making social media advertising extremely targeted.

This level of targeting allows us to reach people by their interests, online browsing habits, job titles, income level, age, gender, other facebook pages they follow, and more. It is highly cost effective compared to traditional advertising channels. We can easily test different advert designs and content to measure which one pulls in more customers. Ads can be used for many different objectives; to drive brand awareness, sell products or services online, increase social media followers or engagement.

We copywrite, design and setup our adverts to get maximum cut-through. This means getting your message to your audience and getting them to take action. We’ve run many successful social media advertising campaigns and have had a significant impact on our customer’s revenues.


7. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Optimising your website will help it achieve a high search engine ranking, which can often be the difference between somebody choosing your competitor or choosing you.

As digital marketers, we’re able to deliver SEO that gets your business in front of the right customers. We take time to understand your business, and your customers and how they are searching for your products. We analyse your competition and identify what is helping them rank above you in the search rankings.

We create relevant content and keywords and a comprehensive link building strategy. We only do ‘white hat’ SEO campaigns, which are genuine and ethical. SEO companies that engage in ‘black hat’ SEO may achieve short term gains, but will be penalised by the search engines in the long term.

We tailor our SEO delivery for each customer based on their requirements and budget.

Take a look at some of the SEO results we’ve achieved for clients. View SEO case studies >

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8. Print advertising

Traditional print marketing remains a key channel, particularly for local businesses looking to raise or maintain awareness.

It’s also an increasingly tough channel to get noticed, because it’s often saturated by other adverts trying to out-shout each other.

We’ll create attention-grabbing content for your advert, using powerful headlines, call-to-actions and clearly communicating why a customer should choose you. We create cutting edge graphic design, aimed at getting your advert to jump off the page. We like to think a little bit differently from most.

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