Brand transformation for the UK's leading lash experts


AHFrancis is a leading and recognised brand for lash extensions, operating globally. We work closely with the client to deliver strategic digital marketing.

Working across inbound marketing channels including social media, PPC, targeted online advertising and email marketing, we drive new traffic to the AHFrancis website. From there, the aim is to capture the visitor’s contact details before they leave the site. We do this by offering strong incentives and freebies and capturing the visitor’s email address in return. This allows us to communicate with the visitor by email, therefore increasing their potential to become a customer.

We reinvented the AHFrancis brand, using a fresh and vibrant approach to better appeal to our target market.

We created a new responsive website for the client, incorporating magento, wordpress and infusionsoft. We paid close attention to the call to action on every page, achieving optimal conversion rates.

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The Results

Brand and website transformation, introducing a more vibrant feel with stronger calls to action.

Online advertising displays 50,000 adverts to the target market each month.

With Google Adwords, we’ve achieved an average top 3 PPC ranking for our targeted keywords.

AHFrancis responsive web design screenshot website

Email header - Lash Talk

Email design header - Skills