DIY Google Adwords and six secrets to drive leads

Six Secrets for Success

Getting to the top of Google is a tough task and often requires a professional agency to help you get above your competitors.


google-adwords-marketing-searchGoogle Adwords marketing offers a quick way to achieve a top Google ranking, whereby you pay per click. If done correctly, it can be a very rewarding and cost effective way to get new customers.


Here are a few tips to help you run a successful Google Adwords marketing campaign.

I’ve focused purely on Google because it still accounts for 88% of the search market (Jan 2013).

For those that don’t know what Google adwords is:

With Google Adwords you choose all the search phrases that you want your advert to be shown for. You choose the maximum you’re willing to pay per click. Then when someone types that phrase into Google, your advert appears until your daily budget is used up, after which it won’t appear until the next day. The amount you pay per click can be as low as 1 pence.

scientific-research-google-adwords-marketing1. Keyword research

Use Google’s ‘keyword planner’ to research what people are typing into Google and how often they’re doing it. It’s really easy to do. You just need to setup an Adwords account to be able to use the keyword planner. You’ll find some great search terms that you had no idea people were looking for.

2. Know your limits

When you’re writing your Adwords, you have a limited number of characters. 25 characters for the headline, 35 characters for line 1 and 35 characters for line 2. Plus a URL. Make sure your headline relates to what your audience is searching for. Don’t just use a company name for your headline as it’s unlikely to captivate your audience. The company name can go on lines 1 or 2.

shoal-of-fish-google-adwords-marketing3. The more the merrier

Whilst Google has character limits, it doesn’t have limits to the number of Adwords you write. So try writing different Adwords with different headlines and then see which performs better. You can always edit a campaign part way through and remove any Adwords that aren’t doing so great.

4. The bigger the better

This is Adwords gold! Add site link extensions to your Adwords. This will allow you to have a number of links, each to different pages on your site. Not only that, but you can add a heading and description to each link – all of which makes your adword much larger, and more likely to get clicked on!

Google-Maps-icon-adwords-marketing5. If you’re local, prove it!

If you’re a local company, add a location extension. This will activate a google map to the right of your Adword, with a pin marking your location. It will help you differentiate yourself from the national companies who are trying to look local.

6. Detail matters

If you offer a range of products and services that are all different, then it’s likely that people will be using very different search phrases for each product/service. Therefore you’ll want to create a different ad group for each one.

For example, if you sell budget shoes and expensive shoes, you’ll have more success if you set up two different ad groups. Anyone searching for ‘cheap slippers’ or budget slippers’ can be shown your ‘Bargain Slippers – 50% Off’ Adword. Anyone searching for ‘armani shoes’ or ‘leather shoes’ can be shown your ‘Huge Range Of Designer Shoes’ Adword.

This will give you a much better chance of converting your ‘clicker’ into a ‘customer’.


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