Work smarter with online advertising

Work smarter with online advertising – you can be so targeted now

Most online advertising nowadays, whether it’s Google adwords, banner advertising, or video advertising, lets you pay on a cost per click (CPC) basis, which means you only pay a small amount every time someon clicks on your advert. In other words, you only pay for warm leads.

How good would it be if printed advertising only charged you for people who called your phone number or visited your website! It would be much more cost effective than paying a set fee for your advertising. This is why online advertising is a much more sophisticated way to spend your marketing pounds.

Another key benefit to online advertising is how targeted you can be.

Here’s an example. Imagine you run a bike shop in Southampton. You can target your online advert to only be shown to people who live within a ten mile radius of Southampton. Better still, you can place your advert on other online biking websites, such as online bike magazines or bike manufacturer sites. There are thousands of websites that support online advertising.

Getting people to your website

If you’ve got a nice website that cost you an arm and a leg to build – you don’t want it sitting in cyber space where nobody can find it. Online advertising means people are one click away from getting all the info they need. Compare this to print advertising, where someone who’s seen your advert, has to then read your number, tap it into their phone and hope they get hold of someone who can tell them what they want.

Online advertising isn’t suitable for every business. Which advertising channel you choose depends on your individual needs and what you want to advertise.

But there are many businesses who should be grabbing this opportunity with both hands.

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