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Digital marketing campaign

Record sales during a seasonal downturn

This was a particularly exciting brief to work on. We were tasked with bringing in sales during the winter months. The client had tried radio advertising the previous year and failed to make a return on investment. We made a return on marketing spend of £85 for every £1 spent.

The brief

Landford Stone briefed Landon Marketing and Design to lift sales during winter – a notoriously quiet time of year in their industry, as people put home projects on hold until the following Spring.

Consumer behaviour was also changing. There was a growing trend of people managing their own home renovation projects and less reliance on kitchen companies. Landford Stone found that many consumers were looking for a direct supplier and installer, not organised through kitchen companies. This presented the perfect opportunity for us to deliver a marketing campaign that would speak directly to consumers.

Other marketing channels had not been effective for the client during previous years.



social media case study ls workman on machinery

The results

On less than half the budget of the client’s previous year’s radio advertising campaign, we delivered a gross profit of 85x our marketing spend during January-March inclusive.


The number of website visitors exceeded any other time in the calendar year.

Exclusive access to sale materials were used as an incentive to encourage footfall. Visitors to the showroom and yard significantly increased vs the typical footfall for that time of year and circa 40 groups of prospective customers attended our two carefully planned open days.


Return on marketing spend


Sales uplift vs previous year


Groups of open day attendees

“I think your work is brilliant. I am so impressed with what you have created. Well done all of you”

Molly Fisher, Landford Stone director

Marketing and design work

  • Campaign planning, creative approach and key messages
  • Social ads targeted by interest and retargeted to previous web visitors
  • Website banners, signup forms and popup
  • Google Ads targeting a wealthier demographic
  • Email marketing to database and resent to non-opens
  • Landing page design and build
  • In-store material
  • Social media management

LS Jan-Feb Sale 2020 IG graphics (7)

google ads for granite worktops in-situ mobile

facebook video marketing for landford stone

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