Web design

Your website is your digital shop front. We design and build professional, creative and customer friendly websites. All our websites are custom built to your specific needs – no templates and no shortcuts – just quality web design, shaped entirely around your business.



1. Website planning

Before starting any web design or build, we work closely with you to understand what type of website you need.

We also conduct our own research into your industry to identify best practise web designs. This gives us a thorough understanding of your needs before commencing the website design.

We’ll create a sitemap that plots the website structure, navigation and page hierarchy. Refining this up front will ensure the website development goes seamlessly. The objective of the sitemap is to deliver a smooth customer experience and an intuitive customer journey through your website.

Web design salisbury, wiltshire planning & website sitemap



2. Web Design

Your web design should fit in with your overall brand, but most importantly, it should appeal to your target market.

We’ll create a web design concept before beginning any web development work. This gives us complete flexibility to take on your feedback and fine-tune the website design as much as we want.


3. Website development

Once the web design and website structure has been approved, it’s over to us to develop the website build.

We’ll keep you informed of progress with regular project reporting, and a clearly web development communicated timeline, so you always know how your website is progressing at any point in time.

As the website build develops into something tangible, we’ll give you access to the website in a test environment – so you can be confident it’s taking shape to your requirements.

Web development salisbury, wiltshire


web design salisbury, wiltshire content and copywriting

4. Website content

We can turn our copywriting expertise to any industry, so clients can rely on us to communicate their business effectively and succinctly.

Some of our clients prefer to write their own copy. This allows them to express themselves, and communicate their unrivalled expertise in their own business.

We work with both approaches, but in all cases we will thoroughly review any copy before it’s published to ensure that it’s working as hard as it can to convey what you want to say.


5. Wordpress web design

We’re a huge fan of content management systems (CMS) because they allow our clients direct access to update their own websites, keeping content fresh and current.

Gone are the days of retainers where you pay a fee every month for a web provider to make the changes for you.

We use WordPress, a market leading content management system. WordPress started out as a blog platform, but soon became the preferred CMS platform because of its ease of use and flexibility.

wordpress web design Salisbury wiltshire - CMS, content management


wordpress web design training Salisbury wiltshire

6. Website training

We provide one-to-one website training and ongoing support to all our clients who use a content management system.

Practical, hands-on website training sessions will give you the skills you need to update your own website in the future. If you run into anything you can’t do, you want to make more complex site changes, or you simply want us to manage your site going forward, ongoing support is readily available. Just pick up the phone or send us an email and we’ll get onto it in a flash.


7. Online shops

E-Commerce is a growing industry, and the ability to buy and sell online is so easy now.

Local businesses can now sell nationally, even globally – the marketplace is truly at your disposal.

We design ECommerce websites that deliver an engaging and compelling shopping experience. As digital marketers, we know how to make a website sell itself, and in turn, sell your products.

ecommerce web design and online shop Salisbury wiltshire


mobile responsive_web_design salisbury wiltshire

8. Responsive web design

Over 50% of web browsing is done using a mobile device like a phone or a tablet.

Our customers can choose to have a responsive web design, which will customise the website’s appearance for any device, whether it be a phone, tablet or computer.

With responsive web design, visitors to your website will have a much stronger website experience and will be more likely to make a purchase or get in touch with you.


View some of our web design work, where you’ll find a variety of websites and online shops we’ve created for our clients.