DIY facebook marketing and how to engage with your audience

There are plenty of businesses using facebook, and rightly so because for many businesses (not all businesses) it’s an important channel to use.

Unfortunately I’ve seen many businesses use facebook to push out endless sales messages day after day. Messages like ‘Help us get to 1000 likes’ and ‘Buy from us! We’re great!’. If you use facebook as an advertising channel you’re doing it wrong.

facebook marketing 1You’re not the school bully

Facebook marketing should be social (hence the name ‘social media’). It should be engaging, interactive and personal. If businesses are going to play with customers in their playground, they need to play by their rules. They can’t just be the big kid that turns up uninvited and shouts at everyone!

Too much noise!

Facebook marketing should encourage potential customers away from the ‘noise’ on facebook and take them to your website (which also helps your site’s search engine ranking by the way) where they can focus on your message.

facebook marketing grow likesGrow it

Grow your facebook audience to a suitable number of likes from your target market before you commit a serious amount of time to facebook marketing. This can be done organically or paid. Paid facebook advertising can cost very little and can enable you to grow your audience significantly, for very little outlay.

It’s also one of the most targeted forms of marketing that exists, purely because users have provided facebook with all their information!

Paid facebook ‘posts’ typically have a higher percentage conversion rate than paid facebook ‘adverts’.

facebook marketing audience engagement

Hello… is anybody there?

Be responsive. People’s expectations when it comes to customer service are higher than ever, and you should generally respond to any facebook queries within 24 hours.

Hello… is anybody there (2)?

Time your messages to when someone is actually listening – otherwise it’s a whole lot of effort for very little reward.

If you’re a B2B organisation then facebook messaging throughout the day can be more beneficial than if you’re a B2C organisation. This is because most businesses who use facebook, use it during a working day, especially if they have a dedicated social media manager.

If you’re a B2C organisation, you’ll find most consumers are at work during weekdays and busy during weekend daytime, so early evenings are best.

Mix it up

Try to use a combination of different post types, as they all achieve different things. Posting interesting photos generally drives high engagement, low reach. Status/text based posting generally drives high reach, low engagement.

Use your page insights

Facebook page insights are far from perfect, but they will tell you about your audience, who’s ready your posts, who’s engaging with them, how old they are, gender, where they’re from etc. It’ll also tell you what time of day people are consuming your information which can be crucial in timing your messages.

I hope this info was useful to you. I’ve also included a little infographic you might like. Please share any comments you have at the bottom of this page!

Thanks, Steve Landon, Landon Marketing and Design.

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